Lingerie Design - Keep Women's Needs in Mind

Our designers believe outstanding designs will help our clients boost selling and women be more charming. So they strive to analyze the customers’ preferences and top selling styles. Our design ethos is to challenge traditional thinking and infuse bold cutting & exquisite craft to enhance user experience. This is what wholesalers, retailers, and more importantly, ladies are concerned about.

Discover Designer Lingerie at JSY

JSY is always exploring the world for innovative, exclusive, and consistently exceptional designers. Our designer browses through all the fashion magazines, websites follows designer lingerie blogs with the utmost attention, scours the international catwalks and designer lingerie shows, visits designers and boutiques from NY to London and to bring you our top designer lingerie & erotica picks of the season.

Where do we get inspiration from?

With experience, with the participation of others, from fashion. We transfer our own designs to the card, we select materials, and finally preparing the perfect lingerie. We design with a pleasure and for a pleasure, taking care of every detail because the magicis hidden inside them.

While creating new lingerie our main goal isour clients comfort. Lingerie has to be kind ofa second skin, in which we can feel beautifuland comfortable.

It All Starts from Fashion Sense

Our team is full of fashion sense which helps them quickly understand market trends and what ladies want.

To maintain a cutting-edge fashion sense and a rich source of inspiration on sexy lingerie, our designers often study fashion magazines, shows, and social media such as Instagram.

Working with our creative designers helps you catch the market trend and attract customers with your new sexy lingerie.

Turn Inspiration into Something Concrete

By divergent thinking, designers translate their inspiration into specific drawings and craft documents after analyzing fabric color, pattern, and craftsmanship.

The design can be from our designers’ ideas or pictures provided by our clients. Talk to our designers about what style you want to order.

Hand Drawn Design and CAD Pattern Making

Paper pattern design plays a key role in ensuring the quality and structure of sexy lingerie.

Our pattern makers are skilled in converting the information related to structure design, craftsmanship, and overall style into pattern documents by CAD software. Patterns of all sizes will be created by exact grade rules.

Experienced Cutting and Sampling

According to the paper pattern, our workers cut the fabric and sew up a sample for reviewing the craft details and wearing effect with designers and paper pattern makers.

Designers will optimize the design to make it more reasonable for manufacturing and more fitting for different shapes.