Let's Work Together - Experience Hassle-Free Wholesale Business

Want to wholesale sexy lingerie at a competitive price? JSY, as a China-based manufacturer, is devoted to delivering fashionable and sexy lingerie to worldwide wholesalers and retailers, reducing the turnaround time and stock cost.

Wholesale Sexy Lingerie with Short Lead Time.

JSY works with many types of partners to help revolutionize the way retailers shop for their stores. Reach out today to explore ways to partner and grow together.

Unlimited Styles

100+ new styles that come out every month and 1000+ hot sale patterns for selection.

Adjustable Design

Modify designs of our existing styles according to your customers’ preference.

Custom Main Label

Tailor-made main labels with your logo for presenting your brand image.

Fast Delivery

2-day shipping for in-stock items & 25-day delivery for custom orders.

Small Order

Buy a small amount of lingerie with multiple styles at a time to start your business.

Affordable Prices

Get competitive prices thanks to our scale production and cost management.